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Post  Coyote's Daughter on Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:54 pm

Here are the basics, although they should be ... well ... basic.

Please DO:
  • Use full titles for all documents
  • Use full names for all authors
  • Provide documentation where possible
  • Provide a link for website and books
  • And, above all, CITE YOUR SOURCES!

If you are using a physical book, please find it on the kcls website or on some other book related site. The library is preferred, however.

Please do NOT:
  • Cite your friends' unsupported opinions (this should go without saying)
  • Flame, spam, troll, or otherwise behave in a manner that confers judgment upon others, their beliefs, or their opinion
  • Cite sources that are not substantiated

If you choose to cite an opinion, make sure this is known (e.g. "In this dude's opinion..."). If you decide to pass judgment without something empirical to back it up, your post will be removed. When choosing a source of a less than common nature, please do some research concerning where the source comes from, who wrote it, and how that is likely to affect the factual basis of the source itself.

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